Every Step Counts / Week 3 Update

Welcome to our MyLife/GAA Healthy Clubs Every Step Counts Challenge 2023

We're past the halfway mark!  It's great to see almost 29,000 participants getting active across the four provinces - that's enough people to fill St. Tiernach's Park to the max. A massive 2.9 million kilometres have been tracked by over 780 clubs so far - that's the equivalent of walking around Ireland 917 times!

All clubs that hit our challenge target will be entered into the O'Neills Prize Draw in their province! There are 3x O'Neills vouchers up for grabs in each province - €2,500, €1,500 & €1,000. The more participants on your club team the faster you'll hit the target - every step counts!

How to get your club and community involved

1. Download the MyLife app from your app store
2. Tap Social to join your province and your local club team
3. Get stepping!

Club isn't registered? There's still time to get involved!
Register your *club for our MyLife challenge and Ireland Lights Up here
Everyone is welcome to get involved - friends, family and community members don't have to be a member of your club to take part. Simply join the team on MyLife and help your club to hit that 4,000km target!

*Must be a registered GAA club to be a club team in this challenge

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Every Step Counts / Week 3 Update

What are the Prizes?

In each province there are 3x O'Neills vouchers up for grabs - €2,500, €1,500 & €1,000. Any club that tracks more than 4,000km during Every Step Counts will be entered into our prize draw in their province.

All GAA Clubs can get involved in the challenge - during your registration for Ireland Lights Up we will register your club on the MyLife app and be in touch with further information. There is no minimum number of participants per club to be eligible to win, so get stepping!

Don't forget! While you're engaging with healthy behaviours on MyLife you're also earning points that can be redeemed against great products in our Reward Store. Find out more about our Costa Coffee vouchers, Fitbit range, PointsPlay raffle draws & more below.

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What are the Prizes?

What is the MyLife Health Score?

Your MyLife Health Score is a scientifically calculated number from 1 to 1,000 based on 7 categories of health in our Wheel of Life.

As you engage with MyLife, your score will move up or down in real-time. The more information you enter, the more accurate your Health Score will be.

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What is the MyLife Health Score?

2022 Challenge Results

After 5 weeks, 28,600 participants from 690 GAA clubs joined us in tracking 5.2 million kilometres in support of their club and community. That's the equivalent of walking all the way to the moon and back five times with an average daily distance per participant of 5.2km.

More than 450 clubs hit our 4,000km target and were entered into our O'Neills Prize Draw in their province.

Our survey data showed that there was not only an increased in physical activity levels among participants pre and post challenge, respondents also reported increased connection to others, their community and improved satisfaction with their overall quality of life.

Find out more on the benefits of the challenge to community in our video below.

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2022 Challenge Results

Challenge Tips

1. How to hit the 4,000km target
The goal of this challenge is to hit our 4,000km target by 15th February. So the more participants that are in your team, the faster you'll hit the target and be entered into our O'Neills Prize Draw. Make sure to get as many of your club mates involved as possible, every step counts! 

2. I'm not a member of our local club, can I still get involved?
Yes! Everyone is welcome to get involved in this challenge. Simply search for your local club team in your chosen province in the challenge. You'll feel the benefits of getting active post-Christmas and you'll be helping your club to hit the 4,000km target!

3. How to join a club team on MyLife
Tap Social > Available Challenges > (Province+) Every Step Counts & tap Join. If your local GAA club is registered it will be available to join under Select Team

4. Health & Safety
All participants are advised to abide by public health guidelines for their safety throughout the challenge. Every step counts so you can join your club team on MyLife and then track your activity when & where you feel most comfortable taking part.

5. Recommended Tracking
To ensure you have the best experience on MyLife, our FAQ with advice on how to get set-up and track activity on Android & iOS is available below.

Challenge Tips

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When does Every Step Counts start?

The five week challenge starts on Wednesday 11th January 2023, and ends on Wednesday 15th February 2023.
The challenge will be available to join on the MyLife app from Friday 2nd December 2022. 

Why should my club get involved?


We want to reward you and your club mates for embracing a healthier lifestyle through MyLife. Any club that hits the target of 4,000km over five weeks will be entered into our prize draw for 1 of 3 O'Neills vouchers (to the value of €2,500, €1,500 & €1,000) available in each province. You can run, walk, jog, whatever it takes to accumulate or exceed the target distance as a team. There is no minimum number of participants to be entered into our prize draw so round up your club mates and get stepping to hit the target! And remember, every step counts.



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