Supported Devices And Apps

What gets measured gets done


Keeping track of your activity helps increase your Health Score and encourages you to do that little bit more.
You can track your activities directly with the MyLife app or connect to the many other fitness tracking devices and apps from third parties.


If you use a fitness device or app – in most cases you can sync it with the MyLife app so that your activity is automatically added.
MyLife connects directly with most popular fitness tracking devices listed below.  

Activity Trackers & Smart Watches


Track steps, distance, calories burned, heart rate and sleep data.

Garmin Connect

Garmin devices allow tracking of steps, activities incl. GPS track points, heart rate and sleep


Devices that are compatible with Polar Flow allow tracking of steps, moves with GPS track points and heart rate
To allow your Polar data to then sync across, link your phones health app (Apple Health for iPhone and Samsung Health for Android) to the MyLife app


TomTom allow tracking of steps, activities and heart rate data from supported devices


Does not send steps or activity to MyLife. Instead you can connect MyLife to Apple Health (iPhone) or Google Fit (Android)

Apple Watch

Connect your Apple Watch through the Apple HealthKit app on your IOS device


Activity Tracking Apps

Apple Health App

Your health data stored on your iOS device can be synchronised with MyLife. You can track steps directly via the Health app as the phone has an in built step counter

Ensure steps and activity are activated in Apple Health Privacy Settings. You can check this on your iPhone in Settings > Health > Data & Access Devices > Irish Life > Turn All Categories On

Google Fit

Connect to the Google Fit* cloud to allow your health data to be synchronised with MyLife

*Google Fit recently made some changes to how their system reads & shares information with MyLife. This change means that not all information
is being shared with MyLife, leading to differences between the two apps. We have raised this with Google & hope to have more information soon

Samsung Health

Your health data stoed on your Samsung phone can be synchronised with MyLife. In the side menu tap Tracking > Devices/Apps > Samsung Health > Connect 


Runkeeper* is not directly supported by MyLife. You can connect Runkeeper to MyLife via your phone's health app (Apple Health, Google Fit or Samsung Health) by following the steps above. Information from Runkeeper will then by passed to MyLife via your selected health app.

*Runkeeper does not track steps


MyLife integrates all fitness activities including heart rate data from Strava*
On MyLife you’ll need to press a sync button to enable a data transfer Track > Supported devices/Apps > Strava

*Strava does not track steps

Digital Scales & Heart Rate Chest Straps

MyLife integrates weight, BMI and fat mass from Fitbit and Withings digital scales

Heart rate straps allow you to monitor your heart rate during fitness activities by displaying your heart rate on your smartphone. Connect your Bluetooth enabled heart rates bands to MyLife by following these steps Track > Tracking Devices/Apps > Add BLE Device



How do I connect a wearable or app to MyLife?

Device and app connections are made through the MyLife app or website.

During registration you will be asked if you wish to connect your fitness device or phone app now. You will be directed to the connections screen where you can select the device/app you wish to connect.

If you wish to connect at a later stage go to Track > Tracking devices/Apps

What if I have a device that is not listed here?

On MyLife you can also manually enter your data on the App or through the web access in Track > Add Activity manually

Can I manually add steps?

No. Steps cannot be manually added to MyLife.

Why is some of the data from my Tracker/App missing on MyLife?

We’re reliant on the data your tracker/app sends across to us so if this information is not included, it cannot be displayed in our app.

Why is my Tracker/App not syncing with MyLife? 

Some external devices/apps transfer data to MyLife via their connection multiple times a day. Other external devices/apps only provide MyLife with one daily transfer of data via their connection.

Because of this, at certain times throughout the day MyLife may appear to have fewer steps than your tracker/app. It is recommended to wait up to 24 hours for syncing of data to occur. MyLife will not update in realtime. Please do not disconnect your tracker as doing so will cause any information that has yet to be sent over to be lost and cannot be retrieved.

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