For Employers

Digital health engagement platforms play a significant role in empowering, engaging and motivating employees to live healthier and happier lives.

The MyLife App motivates employees to track and manage their health & lifestyle in an easy and fun way.

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For Employers

Engage your employees:

  • Employees can find each other in Company Groups on MyLife. They can connect with friends and colleagues or simply set a new personal goal.

  • You can create individual or team Corporate Challenges to drive strong employee participation and engagement, enhancing the value of your wellbeing programme.

Benefits to employers:

  1. Engagement – engage employees through fun dynamic group challenges and rewards.

  2. Healthier & Happier Employees – inspire your employees to take more ownership of the health, transforming lifestyle and health outcomes.

  3. Company Health Score – your company Health Score provides an overview of the health status of your organisation which can be used to measure and track progress.

  4. Corporate Report – your company can be provided with an aggregated and anonymised report into the health and wellbeing of your workforce.

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