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To calculate your Health Score


When we collect your consent, we will explain what we need it for and how you can change your mind in the future.
You need to give your consent for us to collect and use personal information classed as sensitive personal information (e.g. your health related data) or for certain uses of your personal information. You are given the choice to provide consent (or not) when registering for the MyLife service. We set out below what we need it for and how you can change your mind in the future.


With your consent, the MyLife service will use your biometric, health, activity and coach data input by you to produce and refresh your personal Health Score. It will also use this personal data to earn you MyLife points and enable you to participate in challenges.
The MyLife service does not work without your data and the minimum data required to calculate your Health Score is your height and weight, your data of birth and your sex at birth. If you do not consent to MyLife using your Data before you register you will be unable to complete the registration process. If you subsequently decide to withdraw your consent you must cancel your account.
The personal data that you input or track to MyLife, will not be shared and it will not be used for any other purposes (e.g. underwriting risk or claims assessment).



Where we process your personal information based on consent, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time. Please note that the withdrawal of your consent above will mean that the MyLife service will not work for you.
You may withdraw your consent in the Terms & Privacy section of the settings of the MyLife App or website.
You may also delete your MyLife account at any time. This will result in the de-activation of your account for 30 days, to allow for a change of mind or error. After 30 days, of all of your personal data will be deleted.
For further information you can access the Data Privacy Notice on the MyLife website






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