About MyLife

MyLife is a personalised health and wellbeing app that inspires people to lead a healthier and more active life. The MyLife app will help you understand more about your health, so you can easily identify ways to improve it.

MyLife makes health measurable with a single real-time scientifically calculated Health Score based on your body, mind and lifestyle. There’s also a highly personalised AI Health Coach to engage with and help keep you motivated.

You can earn points for activities such as answering health assessments in the Wheel of Life, tracking your exercise, getting sufficient sleep and answering the Health Coach’s questions. Irish Life customers with certain eligible plans can use these points in the online Reward Store to claim great rewards.


General FAQs

Is MyLife free or is it a subscription-based service?

MyLife is a free service provided by Irish Life Financial Services. Though everyone can download and use the app, only Irish Life customers can get rewarded.

Which smartphones is MyLife available on?

The MyLife mobile app is available for iPhone and Android smartphones on the App Store and on Google Play. However, other smartphone users (e.g. Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc.) can use MyLife via the website (https://web.mylife.irishlife.ie/login).